About Us

The RDCL involves entrepreneurs and managers who defend and promote a Liberal Economy based on:


  • Private Property
  • Individual Liberties
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Individual Initiative
  • Free Enterprise.


Our Mission is to boost the business activities of our members and to improve the economy through bringing actors together, promoting best practice sharing, and daily active lobbying.

Proud to be a civil society think tank, we actively promote:

  • A healthy competition that drives growth and development
  • Limiting the State’s Intervention in the Economy
  • Social Peace and Stability
  • The possibility for each individual to fulfil his potential.


The RDCL has also produced throughout the years several constructive reports and proposals, providing solutions and recommendations to face our economy’s main threats: Salaries, Inflation, Employment, Health, Education, Housing, Urban transportation, the National Social Security Fund, pensions… Should you wish to know more, kindly consult “The White Book of RDCL”.

Our Engagement is to promote the ethical exercise of economy and business. Each entrepreneur should be bound by a code of ethics and conduct that is mandatory for the smooth running of the Liberal Economy. Consult the RDCL Code of ethics.

Our ambition is to position the RDCL as an actor that will help Lebanon develop its economy and always move forward, especially since the world is rapidly changing to become more globalized and digitalized. Nowadays, traditional economy is evolving swiftly and state actors are marginalized in favor of NGOs and dynamic gatherings that express the realities and challenges of civil society.